How do I add a line-up?
Add today's team to the matchfeed
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A feature to create specific lineups and formations is coming soon πŸ”œ.

Currently you can already indicate who is playing today by adding "today's team" in the match report. Add all players participating in the match - the starters and substitutes. This can be done both before and after the match.

  1. Click on the match on the Activity page.

  2. In the 'overview' you can quickly and easily add today's team.

  3. This is also possible on the 'match feed' page. Click on the blue βž• button at the bottom right of the screen.

    1. Then click on "Add today's team"

  4. All players from your team are automatically in today's team. Click on the name to select or remove players from today's team.

  5. Does your teammate not have a Mingle account yet? No problem. At the bottom you have an option to add a player. Click here for more information about adding players.

  6. To add today's team you can click on "update today's team". The team will be shown in the match feed and on the 'overview' page.

  7. The team can always be adjusted by

    1. deleting the old "today's team".

    2. creating a new "today's team".

The stats of the players will automatically be updated in the form of 'matches played'.

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