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How can I RSVP on a match and where can I see who is attending?
How can I RSVP on a match and where can I see who is attending?
RSVP on matches and see who is attending.
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If you or one of your teammates scheduled a match it will appear on the Activity Feed and on the Schedule Page. Players can easily indicate their availability, which saves a lot of going back-and-forth. Follow these quick steps and indicate whether you are present or not:

  1. Go to the Schedule page

  2. Click on "Going" or "Not going" at the match you want to indicate your availability.

  3. The choice can always be changed by clicking on the status "Going" or "Not going" or by clicking on the match card.

You can also click on the matchcard on the schedule page or activity feed and open the info tab. Here you can indicate your availability, add a comment, see the location and arrival time of the match and indicate whether you are driving, drive along or self transport. Click here for more information about transport.

By clicking on the match card in the Schedule page or on the activity feed you can open the info tab, where you can see who is going, not going, or who hasn't made a decision yet.

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