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How does the 30 meter Sprint works
How does the 30 meter Sprint works

Measure how fast you can run, what's your top speed, acceleration speed and you time on a 30 meter sprint

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How do I measure my sprint speed

Go to the activity feed in the app, click the blue (+) and select Mini Games. On the Mini games overview select 30 meter sprint.

What is measured in the 30 meter sprint mini game

We measure the following things, if set up correctly:

  • Acceleration speed (in km/h)

  • Top speed (in km/h)

  • Total time (in seconds)

How should I set up the 30 meter sprint

  • First you place a cone on the corner of the box

  • Than you place a official soccer ball size on the penalty spot

  • Select the players from your team or fill in guest players to measure their sprint speed

  • Start the mini game

How do I film the 30 meter sprint

Make sure that the whole box is in your picture, also check if you have clear vision on the cone, the ball, and the runner.

Can i download my result

Yes, you can. We create a video for you with the results of your sprint effort.

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