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How can I see who is driving to the game?
How can I see who is driving to the game?

Indicate whether you are driving, need a ride, or will travel alone.

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Know who's driving and who needs a ride

You can now let your teammates and trainers know whether you have space to drive people, need a ride, or are travelling alone.

  1. Go to the match via the schedule page or the activity feed.

  2. Click on info. Here you will see the start and arrival time and location of the match. Here you can also add comments and indicate your availability.

  3. At the bottom of the info page click on "Transport?".

    1. Click on "Driving" if you're able to drive and take teammates with you.

    2. Click on "Drive along" if you are in need of transport.

    3. Click on "Self transport" to let everybody know you will go to the match on your own.

Know why players aren't coming

You can also provide a reason in case a player can't make it. The reasons you can give are:

  1. Sick

  2. Injured

  3. Vacature

  4. School/work

  5. Other

When you hit Not Going you will be prompted a message to provide the reason

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