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How do I add yellow and red cards?
How do I add yellow and red cards?

Add yellow and red cards to your match

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Add yellow or red cards

Once the yellow or red card are confirmed, it will be added to the player list on overview. If a player gets a yellow card twice, or a red card the playing time will stop for this user. The cards will be available as a leaderboard in the app in the near future.

  1. Add a card by clicking on the blue (+) button in the match

  2. Select Yellow or Red card

  3. Select the player that received the card

  4. Confirm

Note. You can add yellow and red cards without starting the match timer. You can add the cards on the liveblog following the steps above.

Add Red or Yellow Cards during the football soccer match with Mingle Sport

Delete yellow or red card

It’s not possible right now to delete red or yellow cards. In the future we will make it available in Homebase.

Check out teams leaderboard

You can see who of your team is getting most bookings in the yellow and red cards leaderboard.

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