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About Mingle Sport
Mingle's main features in the app
Mingle's main features in the app

Create match content. Track your stats. Manage your team.

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Why should I use Mingle Sport?

Mingle is an app for teams that want to get more out of their game. You can use it as coach, player or fan (parent, friends).

Why do people use our app?

  1. More stats: you can track a lot of different stats. And more are added frequently

  2. Better content: create a line-up, capture a great video. Share a liveblog with followers

  3. Timesaver for team management: schedule matches and training practices, let your team members RSVP. Know transportation needs and reason for not going.

What are the main features of Mingle Sport?

πŸŽ₯ Share match content like a pro

  • Update your followers with text, audio, and video updates - during or after the match. Capture the experience around your match.

  • Our video capturing tool allows you to quickly shoot videos. We automatically enhance the videos you share on the match feed.

  • Share the match with friends and family, and let your fans play an even bigger part in your story.

🏟️ Create a line-up

  • You can now specify who is playing today by adding "today's team" in the match report and you can create a formation for the match.

  • You can choose the number of players and select different formations.

⚽ Track your stats

  • Track your performance in the app. Minutes played goals, assists, substitutions and yellow/ red cards.

  • Make it easier to track your performance with your personalised player profile. Goals, assists, and highlights - all in one place.

  • Check out the team's training attendance in the stats.

πŸ“Š Leaderboards

  • Track your stats, and check where you rank in the leaderboards of your team, club and friends.

  • Leaderboards based on consist goals, assists, minutes played, yellow/ red cards, matches played, and Player of the Match awards.

πŸ–₯️ Homebase

  • You can manage your team even better with Homebase. The desktop tool behind the Mingle Sport app. Now available in Beta!

  • No more spreadsheets needed, start getting more statistics and insights into your match and player performance.

πŸ₯‡ Player voting

  • Vote for the players of the match after every match: MVP, Playmaker and Workhorses.

πŸ† Team awards

  • What is our team's unbeaten streak?

  • How many clean sheets do we have as a team?

  • Who's the topscorer or the MVP of the month?

πŸ”₯ Match rating

  • Was the team 'on fire'? Rate the match after every game by adjusting the flame.

  • With a large flame you indicate that the team was β€˜on fire’. Give the match a smaller flame to indicate that the team was not performing as they should. The average of all votes becomes the match rating.

πŸ—“οΈ Team management

  • Schedule match and training.

  • Players can indicate their availability.

  • Create a lineup for the team and change or reuse it for the following games.


  • Your privacy is very important to Mingle Sport.

  • Only your followers can see the matches you report.

  • We store as little personal data as possible.

  • Go to our website for more information about our privacy policy and community guidelines.

Mingle Sport is available on iOS and Android.

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