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How do I use the match timer?
How do I use the match timer?
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Available for team members with Scorekeeping rights

Start the match timer

To use the match timer in full effect you need to do two things.

  1. Save your match setup (only needed once)

  2. Confirm your line-up

Save match setup

  1. Select the start timer button

  2. Set your match settings

    1. Minutes per period

    2. Break setup

Confirm starting line-up

  1. Select the players that are playing by hand or use your latest line-up

  2. Select the available substitutes for the match

  3. Confirm starting line-up

Match timer started

After confirming the starting line-up the games will start. The player list on overview will be live updated with the minutes played per player. You can pause the match timer if there’s a long break on the field.

  1. Timer is started. Pause the timer when needed

  2. On the overview page you will see the minutes played per player live updating

  3. The timer will stop automatically on the time stated in the match settings of the team (for example 45 minutes)

  4. When the timer is stopped the period can be ended by a user, when you open the app you will get a haptic nudge to do this

  5. Start the next period by pressing the play button

  6. You can end the match by selecting end match/ period when the final period has ended

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