How can I schedule a match?
This is about scheduling a match and creating a match card.
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Create a match

To create a match you go to Schedule tab and click on the blue floating button. Here you have the option to create a match or training. Click on "Create training". Then, if you are part of more than one team you choose the team for which you would like to schedule a match, and you start creating the match.

  1. You choose if it is a home or away match.

  2. You search for the opponent club. Mingle chooses for you the team of the opponent (whose age group correlates to your team’s age group). It is possible to change the team manually by clicking on the pen and choosing the adjusted team.

    1. if you can not find the opponent club please send us a message via our support chat

  3. Then you choose the match day, starting time, arrival time and arrival location (e.g., our club).

  4. You click on “Create match” and your match is created.

  5. It is positioned now in chronological order, in schedule tab. You can also find it in the Activity tab if it is an upcoming match in the next 7 days.

  6. Let your teammates know if you are attending the match.

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