How to join a team

What to do when a teammate already claimed your team

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How can I join a team?

If your team has already been created by another team member, you can join it by using the 4 character join code or join link.

Option 1: when you don't have a Mingle account

  1. Download the Mingle app in the App Store. Tap the 'Get Started' button and click 'I have a team code'.

  2. Fill in the team code your fellow team member can give you. You can also use the link or QR code. It's in the team section > Invite button.

  3. Provide your role and create an account.

Option 2: when you already have a Mingle account

When you are logged into the Mingle Sport app you can join in the Team section. Press the (+) icon or join button and you can enter your join code the same way as described in option 1.

I don't know who has the team code!

Don't worry we can help you out. Contact support in the chat and we get it sorted. Or send an email to [email protected]

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