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Setup your team
How do I create a team?
How do I create a team?

Create a team and invite your team members

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Create a team

Anyone can create a team using the Mingle Sport app. Whether you are part of an official club or a friends team.

Setup your team in the Mingle Sport app

  1. Go to the team section

  2. Click on the blue floating (+) plus button and then click on 'create a team'.

  3. Select the country where your team plays.

    (NOTE; We do not have all leagues of all countries yet. If your league is not there, you will be taken to step 6!)

  4. Option* Select the league your team plays in. (Is your league not listed? No problem, you can request your league or select 'other league').

  5. Option* Search for your club. (If your club is not listed, you can create your own by adding a team name and logo).

  6. Give your team a name, for example: 'U17-1' and save the team.

  7. Give yourself a role (Choose from Player, trainer or supporter)

Invite other team members

Now invite your teammates, trainer/coach and supporters! Tip: You can already create the rest of the players so you only need to send an invitation. Players can claim themselves!

Do you want to change the team logo?

Go to our web environment ( and select your team. Select settings and scroll down to upload a new image for your team! (NOTE: The best result is if you upload an image without a background)

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