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How do I create a team?
How do I create a team?

Claim your club team and invite your team members

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Create your team and invite your team members (players, trainer/coach, supporters).

You can do so, in the Activity tab. Start off by clicking on the blue floating button at the bottom of the screen then click on "Create a team".

  1. First search for your club.

  2. Select your age group.

  3. Choose your team gender and search for the available teams.

There are two options, when creating a team:

  1. You can claim an available team. So, you click on the team name, you select your role in it, and done. Your team is created and you can invite more members to the team.

  2. You click on "Add team", select your team number and save. If the team number already exists, you can differentiate it by adding three letters in the addition box. Then claim it, choose your role and it's done. You can now invite more members to the team.

    In case your team is already claimed, it means that somebody else created it before you did. So, click on the team name and you will be asked to fill in a team code. Your coach/trainer or teammates can provide you with this code. You can also ask them to invite you to the team. You choose your role and you are now part of the team.

In case you cannot find your club, get in touch with us so we can add the club or put you on the waitlist.

Do you also want to create your own unofficial team?
Let us know and we will try really hard to make it happen.

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