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How do I add players to my team
How do I add players to my team

You can create players to add them to a lineup or a goal. Team members who join can claim a created player later.

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How to add a player to your team?

There are two ways to add a player to your team.

  1. Send players the invite code so they can join themselves. They need to create a Mingle Sport account to join.

  2. Add players with their name. This name can later be claimed in case the players joins with account.

Where to add players?

The best way to add players to your team is to go to the team section in the app. In the upper right corner you find the invite button. In the player list there is a 'Add player +' button. Here you can just fill in the name of the player.

Other places where you can add player names are:

  • when adding goals or assists

  • in the lineup section

  • in the match player list

  • after the match in the MVP voting feature

What is the difference between a player name and a real player account?

We added a feature to add player names so that a coach or other team members can create a lineup or add a goal to someone. Regardless of the fact that person has an account.

The advantage of real player accounts instead of player names only

  • real players can RSVP to let everyone know they're coming;

  • training and match attendance stats are based on players with real accounts

  • after a season the stats of player names will be lost

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