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Why do I see matches from other teams in my following (activity) feed?
Why do I see matches from other teams in my following (activity) feed?

I see matches that don't feature my own team.

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If you see matches from other teams in your following (activity) feed, it means you follow a Mingle user that is part of one of those teams.

When you follow other users in the Mingle app (and they accept your follow request), their activities become visible to you in your following page (activity).

You will for example be able to see their upcoming matches, follow their match feeds, and see the final score once their matches are finished.

To check who you're following, go to your profile and click on 'following'. The matches of the Mingle users you follow will automatically show up on your match feed. This article show you how to follow people!

To stop other users' matches showing up on your activity feed, you have to unfollow the Mingle user.

If you believe you are wrongly seeing other team's matches show up on your activity feed (e.g. you're not following a member of that team), please get in touch with support.

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