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How can I vote for MVP / Workhorse / Playmaker?
How can I vote for MVP / Workhorse / Playmaker?

Vote on your MVP, Workhorse and Playmaker after the match is done

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When the match is finished you and your teammates will have the opportunity to vote for the Most Valuable Player (MVP), hardest working player (Workhorse) and the most creative player (Playmaker). You can also rate the match.

The voting starts at the end of the match if a live report is made or 150 minutes after the match start time.

Everyone has 2 days to submit their vote. You can vote by following these steps:

  1. Open the match feed on the Activity feed.

    1. You can also click on "Rate this match" on the activity feed. This will show up 150 minutes after the match start time at the bottom of the matchcard.

  2. Click on the "Rate this match" bar at the top of the match feed or swipe left at the cover photo of the game. Here you can also see when the voting ends.

  3. You start by voting on the MVP. Select the Most Valuable Player of the match according to you.

    1. Want to vote on a player that hasn't installed Mingle yet? Click on "Add player" and enter the name of the player. Click on that name to vote on that player, and don't forget to invite them into your team! Click here for more information about adding players.

  4. Click on "Next vote" and select the Hardest Working Player according to you.

  5. Click "Next vote" again and select the Most Creative player of the match.

  6. To round it up click on "done" and your votes are in.

The result will be announced 2 days after the match - you'll be able to view the results in the activity feed and in the leaderboards!

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