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How can I rate a match?
How can I rate a match?

Rate a match and see if your team improves

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After a match your team have played the whole team and team support can rate the performance of the team in the match. You can rate the performance by selecting Poor, Moderate, OK, Great, Awesome.

The result of this match rating will be the average number of all ratings.

After one week you will also see if your team is trending up or down.

How to rate a match

  1. Schedule a match

  2. Add players & goals and or content

  3. 110 minutes after the scheduled time the voting will open.

  4. Click on the "Rate this match" bar at the top of the match feed or swipe left at the cover photo of the game. Here you can also see when the voting ends. Players of the team can vote for 48 hours counting from scheduled time

  5. The results of the match rating is the average of all the votes and will be shown in the app and in Homebase.

  6. Be sure to activate your push messages because you will receive a push message when the results are in.

  7. After rating the match you can vote for the MVP/ Workhorse and Playmaker. Watch the video below or click on the link to see how it works.

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