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How do I create match videos using the Mingle app?
How do I create match videos using the Mingle app?

You can use the Mingle app to create match videos and share them

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Our video capturing tool allows you to quickly shoot videos. We automatically enhance the videos you share on the match feed.

No more blurry goals, tackles, and highlights. Our AI-fuelled technology tracks players on the pitch, zooms in and creates videos in a clear, focused way.

Use the capture tool by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the match feed of the match you want to report on the activity page.

  2. Click on the video icon πŸŽ₯ at the bottom right of the screen. Give permission to use the camera and microphone. You can choose between "only this time" or "while using the app".

  3. You now enter the capture tool where you see the score and minute of the game in the top left corner on Android. On IOS you will see the time. Start recording by pressing the red button. Click on the same red button to stop recording.

    1. There is also an option to make videos without touching the screen using haptics. Point your phone at the field to start recording. Then aim it at the ground to stop recording. Useful if you're shooting a lot of videos in a short space of time!

  4. The video is automatically saved in the capture tool. You can record multiple videos in a row without leaving the capture tool. Please note that these videos are temporarily stored within the tool itself (so not on your mobile phone). To save videos directly to your mobile phone, click on the 'save' icon.

  5. To go through your clips, click on the square in the bottom left to view, delete or favourite the videos. You can publish the videos separately.

  6. Click on "publish", add a description of the video you want to post in the match feed and share it in the match feed by pressing the big blue "publish" button.

  7. The video will now be automatically enhanced and uploaded in the match feed.

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