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When your player name is already created you can claim it when you join your team with a real account.

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How to claim your player name?

When someone in your team added your player name you can claim your name when joining the team. By doing so, you will also claim the goals and assists associated to this player name.

Join the team with the team code

You can join the team with the 4 character team code. You can do this before creating an account or after. When you join as a player - and someone created player names - you see a list of players

If your name is in the list: claim it

When joining a team with created player names you get prompted a list like the picture below.

Tap the button 'Claim player' and that name is yours. This cannot be undone.

Forgot to claim your player name?

It can be that you already joined the team and forgot to claim your name. Or someone added your name again.

You have two options:

  1. Remove the player name (see how to remove a player) in the team section or on Homebase > Manage team

  2. Re-join the team to claim your player name. This option is advised when the player name has already quite a few goals and assists associated to him or her.

To re-join you need to leave the team first and then join with the 4 character join code. You can now claim your name like described.

Can I claim the player name of my child?

Every team member has their own name and needs an account in order to manage their name, stats and privacy settings.

We advise users to create separate accounts for parents and children.

  • parents can have different RSVP status for matches (eg child is going but needs a ride, but parent isn't going);

  • parents and children can have their own profile picture;

  • only players can be added to goals, assists and lineup, but all team members can vote for MVP's.

My child doesn't have an own email adres.

In case your child doesn't have their own email address to create an account, you can leave the player name as unclaimed. Their name can still be associated to goals and assists. You will not be able to change the profile picture.

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