How do RSVP reminders work?
Send reminders now to teammates who have not yet announced whether they will be present at the game or training.
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If you want to know who's coming to a game, people can let you know by RSVPing. However, in practice people often forget to indicate this in time.

How can Mingle help with this?

  • We will send an automatic reminder to anyone who has not yet registered their attendance 72 hours before the start of the competition.

  • In addition, you can also send individual reminders, or to everyone who has not yet responded.

    • You can send a maximum of 1 reminder per person per match.

    • Go to the match ⇒ match info tab and select the Players or the Staff & Team Support. There you will see an overview of your teammates who have indicated whether they are present or not.

    • Below that is an overview of people who have not yet responded.

    • At the top it is indicated when the next automatic reminder is, if it has already passed it says that there is no next automatic reminder.

    • In addition, there are buttons behind each individual to send them a reminder (Notify).

    • If you prefer to ask everyone who has not yet responded to respond at once, press “Notify All”.

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