How does a Liveblog work?
Start a Liveblog to keep your followers up to date from minute to minute, add videos, text messages, photos, goals audio messages
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A Liveblog is a great tool to update your followers on your matches.

  1. Add a photo of the team warming up

  2. Use the ( + ) button to start the match timer when the match takes of

  3. Add goals, assists and the team that is playing via the ( + ) button

  4. Create & post videos on the liveblog with the Mingle camera (camera button) or add them from your library ( + ), so your followers can see what's happening on the pitch

  5. You can also add text & audio messages so the match is easy to follow

  6. Follow the match statuses by selecting half time or second half or finished

Now you have the tools to create your own liveblog. Followers can comment & cheer and follow how the match evolves.

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