How does a Liveblog work?

How to do Live Scoring like the pro's and keep your followers up to date. Add videos, text messages, photos, goals audio messages

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How to do live scoring with the liveblog feature?

A Liveblog is a great tool to update your followers on your matches. When starting a liveblog your followers are kept up to date with live notification of score updates.

Who can start a liveblog?

Anyone in the team can start an liveblog. Once you start a liveblog team members and followers will be notified. During the match, multiple people can contribute to the liveblog with content en match facts.

Start the liveblog

  1. A liveblog is related to a match, so first you need to create a match if you haven't done this.

  2. Go to the liveblog tab and hit 'Start a Liveblog'.

  3. You can start the liveblog before the match has started or during the match.

  4. Team members and followers will get a notification 'User started a liveblog'

Add content to your liveblog

  1. Add a photo (for instance of the team warming up)

  2. Use the ( + ) button to start the match timer when the match takes of

  3. Add goals, assists and the team that is playing via the ( + ) button

  4. Create & post videos on the liveblog with the Mingle camera (camera button) or add them from your library ( + ), so your followers can see what's happening on the pitch

  5. You can also add text & audio messages so the match is easy to follow

  6. Follow the match statuses by selecting half time or second half or finished

Share the liveblog with followers

Team members and people who follow a team member automatically get notified when a liveblog starts. They will also receive push updates of goals and when the match has ended.

If you want to share the liveblog with others you can use the share link in the upper right corner of the liveblog section. People with the link can use it to get access to this match. They need to download the app.

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