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How do I get stats / data in my leaderboards?
How do I get stats / data in my leaderboards?

Tips in how you can get your leaderboard filled with statistics

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Leaderboards are available in the app where you can compare your goals, assists and Player of the Match Awards with teammates, players from your club and followers. Here we'll explain how you add this data to the leaderboards.

  1. Go to the leaderboard page πŸ† and click on "join team" or "create team".

  2. Go to "How do I create a team?" or "How to join a team" for an explanation of how to create and join a team.

  3. Add a match for your team via the Schedule page.

  4. Click on the match on the Activity Feed to report the match live or to make a post match report.

  5. On the 'overview' page you can quickly add goals by pressing +. Here you can also select the players that scored by pressing 'Add who scored'.

  6. To keep track of minutes played, start the timer of the match. Add substitutions to get a correct overview of the minutes played by the players in the team.

  7. Or start a Liveblog. Click on the plus button (+) at the bottom right and "Add goal". Indicate who scored and who provided the assist and click on "Publish".

  8. The goal has been added to the match feed and will be added to the leaderboards.

  9. Match finished? Vote for the MVP, Workhorse and Playmaker. 2 days after the match has ended, the Player of the Match Awards will be announced and added to the leaderboards.

  10. View the leaderboards of your team, your club and the people you follow now on the Leaderboard page πŸ†.

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