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Can I start a new season for my team?
Can I start a new season for my team?

You can setup a new season for your current team. All stats and awards will start from scratch without losing your current data.

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Available for team members with Admin rights

About seasons and your team

Your season is ending or you want to start with fresh stats and leaderboards. It might be that all players continue to play for the team. Or that some leave and new players need to be added. Regardless, you would like to start a new season. You can do 2 things:

  1. Transfer your team to next season

Setup your team for a season transfer

You can select season transfer on your team page in the app or on Homebase, our desktop web app. The data of your current team will be saved and your current team will still be available in the app. You can already prepare for a new season by creating your new team.*

*In some countries and leagues (for example KNVB) Season transfer is only available when an official new season is available.

Planned events

The training series and future matches you have planned will not be deleted. A training series will automatically stop recurring at the end of a season. But you can plan other sessions for your teams before and after transferring to a new season.

Season transfer in 3 simple steps

In the app go to your team page. Select "Season transfer" button in the (+). You will be signed in to Homebase. Or go to Homebase, select your team > select Settings and start season transfer from here.

  1. Edit your new team information

  2. Edit team members (Add/ Remove)

  3. Invite new members

Note: Existing Members added to the new team will be informed that you added them to the new team.

Unclaimed users

Unclaimed users can not be transferred to a new team. The data of the unclaimed users will be saved within you "old" team. In the new team you have to invite users or create new users. If a team member wants to save his/ her career data in one Mingle account they should claim the unclaimed user first and than transfer the team.

Archive your team

You are able to archive an 'old' team. All the data of the archived team will still be available. You can find the data by selecting your archived team on the team page in the app or in Homebase. We will give the team an archived status, which is visible throughout our apps.

Why archive the team?

If you have a lot of teams or your teams are named exactly the same, the archive team feature would come in handy. Teams with an archived status will not be shown while creating new events such as matches and training sessions. This way you and your team members will always create events for the correct team.

How can I archive my team?

If you want to start using your a new team and don't want team members to create matches for your "old team" you archive your team by signing in to homebase, select the team that you want to archive, go to settings and archive the team.

How can I Unarchive my team

It could be that your team is archived by incident or you want to unarchive it for any other reason. This is possible by signing in to homebase, select your archived team, go to settings and unarchive the team.

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