Teams and seasons

How to create a new season for your team. Or a new team for next season.

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How to add a new season?

By default, a team does not have a season. Meaning: you can use this team forever and all match stats like goals and assists will accumulate.

If you want to start a new season with your team, you can create a new team. You will start with a clean sheet.

Official club teams have seasons

Is your team is part of an official club (your team got the official club logo automatically)? Then your team is associated to a season. You don't need to worry about anything, we'll notify you when the new season starts. Then you can create a new team for that season and decide which players are part of that team.

Manage your team

In the team section in the app you can invite new users and see who's part of your team. If you want to delete users from your team, you can do this on our desktop app: Homebase.

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